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Encyclopedia definition of [bouquet] :

(C15; from bosc, dial. var. of bois). Collection of flowers or a bunch of thyme, diamonds, colour etc. Bouquet garni. To make a bouquet. Fam. It’s the bouquet, it’s the best, the strongest. Fig. Crowning glory, conclusion. Finale of a fireworks display. Romantic poetry: bouquets for Chloris. A celebratory gift. Pleasant smell of wine.



After a sharp early winter, the windows of spring opened in the sky two weeks ago. Daylight is stronger and makes nature resplendent in all its colours. The yellow of daffodils in our meadows, violets surprised in the undergrowth, crocuses come up on the banks and forsythias join mimosa. It’s the ideal season to present our latest communication: ‘Boidron. For the love of the bouquet.’


Great wines taste excellent, but their wonderful bouquet is too often forgotten. During the production process, the wine’s aroma is very important to the Boidron family, who therefore wanted to pay tribute to it while giving thanks to nature.




A bouquet of generations :

The Boidron family started making wine in 1760.

From generation to generation, the vineyard grew and today it comprises 70 hectares with six appellations.

Formerly a pioneer in production techniques, today in environmental protection, the Boidron family is continually searching for the quintessential savoir-faire. The family has always been innovative and creatively daring in its pursuit of excellence.


Its world-renowned wines find a harmonious balance in a humble, regional character that goes beyond the trends of great contemporary creations.


At the start of the 20th century, Suzanne Boidron already represented the sixth generation of wine-makers. Her son Jean-Noël continues the culture entrusted to him with absolute respect for tradition and the environment.


The wines are of high quality as the grapes are cut by three family experts who make them full-blooded. The complexity of their bouquet and smoothness of their tannins are their primary, inimitable characteristics.


The Boidron vineyards have remained a family concern, jointly led by Jean-Noël Boidron and his children Isabelle (administration), Emmanuel (business) and Hubert (production).


A Boidon family ‘cru’ expresses a philosophy, as in the arts, an aesthetic choice defined by the motto ‘Excellence, harmony, humility’.



A bouquet of benefits :


Biodiversity and respect for the environment


From May, magnificent roses flower at the end of the rows of vines. At Château Calon, a botanic route has been drawn up so that people can admire the wild orchids.


The hedgerows are kept up because they are an important thoroughfare for numerous species of animal. Shrubs and various bushes have been replanted so they can be colonised by related fauna. As this fauna eats harmful insects, it also means that the use of chemical insecticides can be reduced or even eliminated.


With precision and respect for the environment in mind, the sprayers have been changed so that only the elements to be treated are treated, and therefore the volume of products is reduced.


Finally, the labels for our wines are made with wood from sustainably managed forests. They are printed by an artisan who has obtained the ‘Imprim ’Vert’ certification.


Organic farming and sustainable development


At Château Calon, Saint-Emilion, the vines are cultivated according to the principles of ‘responsible agriculture’, which is being converted into organic farming since 2009. This site is also equipped with a treatment station for wine effluents. Cultivation throughout the vineyard is responsible and does not use herbicides. Grapes are hand-picked and sorted four times then fermented using their own yeast.


Health and moderation


Our wines are rich in tannins, polyphenols and natural aromas of the grape. But healthy products should not be overconsumed. Abuse of alcohol is dangerous to health, please drink responsibly.



A bouquet of men

 Emmanuel Boidron 3  Hubert 3  Jean-Noël BOIDRON copie 

A young, dynamic and competent team looks after the Boidron family’s vineyards. The team is led by Jean-Noël Boidron (oenologist, former professor of the Insttute of Oenology in Bordeaux, member of the Académie Internationale du Vin and the Académie des Vins de France), Hubert Boidron (oenologist), Emmanuel Boidron (Masters in marketing, DUAD) and Isabelle Boidron (DESS Wine management and law).


 A bouquet of events


Pierre Moulin

- ‘Journée des moulins’ at Château Calon, Montagne from 10am to 5pm on May 14 and 15


- Wine tasting of Boidron family wines

VINEXPO – Parc des expositions de Bordeaux

Hall 2, stand PQ 41, 8.30am-6.30pm from June 19 to 23


- "Portes ouvertes" Montagne - Saint - Emilion

10 am to 7 pm on September 10 and 11 at Château Calon


- Release of hot-air balloons at Château Calon

At 7am and 6pm on June 24 to celebrate Saint-Jean Baptiste.



  - The Corbin Saturdays

Château Corbin Michotte welcomes you by appointment on Saturdays June 4, July 16, September 10 and September 24.




Château Corbin Michotte
Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe


Château Cantelauze


Château Calon
Montagne Saint Emilion
Saint Georges Saint Emilion


Château Le Petit Sauvage
Montagne Saint Emilion


Montagne Saint Emilion


Mayne d'Olivet
Bordeaux Blanc




 Bees have been suffering for several years from the erosion of vegetal biodiversity. The Boidron family decided to take action on this issue by taking part in the collective project ‘Bee-friendly vineyards’ organised by the wine-growing unions of Montagne Saint-Emilion and Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion.

‘Wine growers plant every two or three rows of vines or by ditches a range of plants that has been developed specifically to diversify and improve bees’ food. A technical code of conduct for wine growing has been established in a charter.

Signing up to this charter reflects the commitment and determination of wine-growers to manage their vineyards towards an ecological and sustainable future that is also synonymous with high-quality viticulture.’

This ecological project is also aesthetic because of the colour palette that presents visitors with a landscape of blossoming vineyards.



At Château Corbin Michotte, from next summer, some vines will be allowed to flower for the bees and the Boidron family will install hives as in the past (from which the name of the second wine, ‘the bees’, comes).





By downloading free QR code-reading software on your smartphone, people tasting or drinking our wines can, after photographing this code, see the Boidron family wine website. This enables us to communicate digitally in real time all the information about our wines with an ‘ecological wine-grower’ attitude by limiting use of paper.





The Boidron family

Château Corbin Michotte

33330 Saint-Emilion France

Tel. +33 5 57 51 64 88 Fax : +33 5 57 51 56 30

Email : vignoblesjnboidron@wanadoo.fr

Website: www.boidron.info

GPS Château Corbin Michotte : N.44°49'51''/E.0°11'12''

GPS Château Calon à Montagne : N.44°56’27’’/W.00°07’58’’

GPS Château Cantelauze à Pomerol : N.44°54’59’’/E.0°14’47’’


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